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Not only things are worth repairing


This week is dedicated to National Family Week under the motto “marriage is not just a piece of paper”.

I fully share this view. I have been involved in family law for more than ten years and every day I see cases where a marriage has stopped working and a search begins for ways to solve everything calmly.

Despite many years of experience with divorces, I believe that marriage is meaningful and not just a piece of paper. The “piece of paper” affects the psyche of the family members, and despite the fact that today people often talk about how simple it is to get divorced, and that it doesn´t make sense to fight to save the marriage, and that it is better to just “move on”, I have to say that it really depends on a great many factors. Very often divorces take place in cases when the marriage would be worth fighting for.

Divorces are difficult situations, and it is the children that are affected the most despite all the efforts of their parents. The divorce has a significant impact on them, with consequences that often appear in adulthood.

So, if there is at least a small chance of rescuing a marriage, it is worthwhile to try to improve things. As mothers and particularly grandmothers say, “Things are worth repairing and you shouldn’t just throw them away when they break and buy new ones.” And this is even truer for relationships.