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Our team

JUDr. Martina Mikolajczyková

I have been practising law since 2004. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno and I am very proud of having chosen this path and institution. For me, law is mainly an opportunity to use my personal approach to help my clients find their way out of demanding situations in their lives. I am particularly interested in family law, with a focus on solving complex family disputes, and the full breadth of civil law. I find my work deeply fulfilling for me and I see it as my vocation in life. I can speak Slovak, English, German and Russian. In my free time, I enjoy sport – I run half-marathons, travel and spend time with my family.

M: +420 724 304 834‬
E: martina@advokatniporadnabrno.cz

JUDr. Iveta Studenková

I am a graduate of the Masaryk University in Brno, finished at 2011. I am a new member of the advocate society; however, I was practising law at the Office for International Legal Protection of Children in Brno almost seven years. Also, I am a mediator at the NGO Centre for social services in Brno. Due to this experience, I have learned the complexity of human stories. My dancefloor is family law and everything concerning cross-border family cases. My goal in advocacy is to provide my clients with quality legal service and moreover to enable them to make the best decisions they can reach ever. Responsibility and partnership. I am fluent at English. When I am out of my desk, the best choice is running in a forest bush and time with my family.

M: +420 733 644 422

Jitka Jansová

Ms Jansová has been working in the area of law since 2005 and is the heart of our office. She looks after the admin, puts everything into context and keeps all the members of our team on the same page. Thanks to her many years of experience and personal approach, everything runs smoothly and to the general satisfaction of all.

M: +420 777 713 337
E: jitka@advokatniporadnabrno.cz

What clients have said about us

Today it is very rare to get good legal advice. It isn´t enough just to know your way around sections, acts and decrees; what’s important is to relate them to the specific needs of each client - to have the gift of empathy and take a human approach. Every time I’ve come to get advice, either with personal or work-related or business issues, I’ve always experienced the feeling that the people at this law firm were taking a genuine interest. And the result? I have always been completely satisfied!

Ing. Miloslav Zimmermann

managing director SCENIUS s.r.o.

JUDr. Mikolajczyková and her team have quickly become members of our Internesto Family thanks to their above-standard services and helpful approach. Her advice and recommendations have helped us to accommodate our guests with the biggest possible smiles on our faces and without any worries. Thank you on behalf of the whole family.



I have been cooperating with the attorney JUDr. Martina Mikolajczyková for more than 15 years, particularly because of the quick, helpful and effective solutions she provides to all my personal and business cases. Personally, I really appreciate her constructive approach to handling problems, including the explanation of all aspects. One of her very strong points is that she prepares several proposals for the achievement of a solution while making one aware of the possible risks. She is always very professional during personal negotiations.

Ing. Igor Laštůvka, dipl.ek., MBA, Ph.D.

division director / SUEZ Využití zdrojů a.s.

A professionally erudite, human and rational approach - you will find yourself in the hands of kind professionals who will fully take care of you. You are not just a “case” to them, you are a person who has come with a request for help which is provided not only at the level of solving the “case” but also in terms of everything else around it, i.e. both the legal and the human aspects. They look for a solution which will provide maximum protection and enforce your rights, yet avoids outright conflict. I am very happy to write a recommendation. Not only am I very satisfied, but my friends who listened to my advice are too.

Ing. Judita Revallo

experienced tax advisor

I greatly appreciate your human approach which is, in my opinion, the most important thing, particularly in the area of family law, which concerns people who unfortunately find themselves in a situation where they are forced to fight for their children, the most precious thing one has in the world. One has to overcome one’s feelings and find enough strength to make the decision to change one’s life and not be afraid to speak about one’s problems.

 The client wished to remain anonymous